Court Maintenance

Hard surface courts, whether used for tennis, pickleball, or basketball, require ongoing maintenance to maximize their useful life and remain a safe, usable playing surface. We take the time to create a court maintenance plan that educates our customers on the options for maintaining their court surface.

When selecting a maintenance plan, considerations should be made for the immediate cost and the long-term maintenance required by each option.

Our Court Maintenance Options

Crack Filling


ARMOR Repair


Background on Minnesota Courts

Most courts in Minnesota are asphalt. Few are concrete. As asphalt and concrete ages, it becomes brittle and cracks. Your asphalt court will inevitably develop cracks, which become larger with each freeze-thaw season.

Understanding the age of your subsurface is the first step in creating a maintenance plan. The useful life of asphalt as a court surface generally ranges between 15-20 years before significant crack repairs or removal is necessary. A helpful comparison to asphalt is vehicles. Would you expect your car to last more than 15 years without needing significant repairs?

Proper maintenance throughout the life of a court can delay the need for larger reconstruction and repair projects. A court maintenance plan prepared by ATE Recreation will make recommendations for both now and the future of your court.

Court Maintenance Options

ATE Recreation is proud to offer four primary options for court maintenance:

We offer:

  • ARMOR Repair (Tape, Fabric, Fiberglass, Acrylic Coat)
    • Crack repair + complete resurface
    • ARMOR is the longest lasting crack repair method available. ARMOR seals cracks and leaves a uniform playing surface.
  • Acrylic Resurfacing (Painting)
    • Resurfacing a court is recommended every 3-7 years, depending on the amount of use.
    • Court resurfacing not only repairs a court aesthetically, it also gives the surface the proper non-slip texture necessary for safe play, and the correct friction for ball speed.
  • Re-Paving (Asphalt)
    • When it’s time for a rebuild.
    • We may recommend re-paving depending on the age and condition of the asphalt, ongoing maintenance cost of crack repair / resurfacing, and the level of play the court will receive.
  • Re-building with Concrete
    • When maximum court longevity is the top priority
    • We recommend replacing a court with concrete if the longevity of the court is the primary goal. Post-Tensioned concrete is the gold standard for court building.


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